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Cheap Ways to Sell Home Now!

  We know it's frustrating when you are in a position where you have to Sell A Home Now. As corporate employees we were constantly moving and having to sell another house. We finally got so we had done it so often we stopped hiring agents to do what we could do better. I remember a conversation I had with an agent who called and said, “Are you ready to drop the price of your house and sell a house now?” The answer was, “NO!” Our house had only been for sale a few days. We were not ready to give up.

sell my home fast 

I replied, “If you can’t sell our house better than we can and for more money, how do you earn your money?”

He hung up on me without replying or answering the question.

Our house sold a few days later for the asking price (That's what I call a case of sell home now.). A real estate lawyer handled the closing for us for a small fee. Most lawyers can handle real estate transactions.

We didn’t have to drop the price of our house or pay a real estate agent and we pocketed at least $25,000 dollars he could have cost us.

We started marketing our own houses when realized that WE, not out real estate agents, were doing the tasks that REALLY sold our houses. And with most corporate moves we always needed to Sell My Home Now!

How Do You Sell A House Now? Here’s how we did it.

The first task is to decide what your asking price will be when you sell. The pricing component is a key component to sell home now.

We usually check selling prices for homes nearby at the tax office. You want to check at the tax office so you have the facts and you want to use very recent sales. The last 30 to 60 days work. Ignore anything older. Throw out the low and the high and average the rest.

You want a market price to sell a home fast and this is a good way to set one. It’s similar to a comparative appraisal. (You also have to consider the market when you do any remodeling. It’s the real reason a fixer upper has to sell significantly below market. Remodeling costs a lot of $$$.)

Next you must prepare your house for showing. If you really want to sell home now and have not done these tasks, do them now.

have faith. You really can sell a home now. 




. Clean up and donate junk. Remember to make lists for tax deductions.
2. Paint anything that needs painting. Paint is cheap and will make you house look and smell new. Buyers want “new”. They also want “light”, so give them what they want. Hire a painter if you don’t feel you can do a good job. It must look perfect.
3. Clean and de-clutter your kitchen. It’s a very important room. Make it look as good as you can, but don’t overspend. Granite counter tops may be way too costly. Only do what is reasonable.
4. Make sure your closets are pristine and look a little empty. There should be nothing on the floor of any closet.
5. Pack up anything that is valuable or sensitive and store it elsewhere during the showing process.
6. Make sure electronics, videos and wires are carefully hidden and not the first things you see when you enter any room.
7. Your house needs to SMELL nice. Cinnamon, vanilla, lime, lemon or orange are nice smells.
8 . Make minor repairs. Buyers are OK with projects if you want to sell a home cheap, but do you? Probably not.

sell home now

Once you have finished cleaning then you need to stage your house for showings. Staging is important to sell home now because what you are doing is creating a fantasy in buyers’ minds. “If I buy this house I will be perfect and serene.”

If you want to sell home now, you want to make your house look like a 5 star hotel suite. Staging is another critical component to sell home now.

1. Stage your living room or family room like an inviting conversation area. What’s the first thing buyers see when the walk into your house or any room of your house. You want them to see a great picture.
2. If you have 3 bedrooms or less, stage them all as bedrooms. The bed needs to be opposite the door, with a bedside table on each side with lamps. Leave as much walking around room as possible. Clothing in closets works better than a lot of dressers for showing houses.
3. Have lots of lamps and turn them all on during showings. People want light.
4. If you have a great view show it off with furniture placement. People love views. If you don’t have great views group furniture around a fireplace or an entertainment center that looks great.
5. If you only have 1 bath or 1& ½ baths try to add at least a second bath. It could be a simple as adding a small shower in a closet space adjacent to a ½ bath. Houses with 1 bath are difficult to sell even to single people. The second bath could bring you many more potential buyers. Just keep ruthless control of costs. A shower stall can be bought at DIY stores for as little as $300 and they are not hard to install. And remember, a bedroom can be small but it must have a closet and a window to be defined as bedrooms for appraisal purposes. If you take a closet and turn it into a shower, you have to build a new closet for the bedroom. This is the only remodel besides paint and repairs that we think can really pay off more than you spend.
6. Strip off old wallpaper. Buyers don’t like it and it can make your house look really old and dated. Wallpaper is not always hard to remove, even though most people will do anything to avoid this task. But since wallpaper can make your house not sell it’s a big deal. Buyers will usually buy a house without wallpaper rather than try to get rid of yours. Do it for them.

Another sell home fast secret is to make sure your house looks great from the street. You know, curb appeal. It’s your first and best opportunity to get a buyer to come inside. So you want to trick the place up like a beauty queen. Cute houses will sell even with imperfections. You want your house to look great.

1. Make sure the colors of your exterior look great. Color is really important but many people don’t really understand color. Most people tend to like color schemes with at least 3 colors, at least 1 of which is a cool, light color.
2. And pay attention and respect to the architectural style of your house. Do you have a country farmhouse or a cottage or a mid century modern or a big transitional mini-mansion? Whatever it is, go with it and respect it. If your house lacks character, try to find some for it. Do what you can to make it more attractive.
3. Landscaping can help make your house look great. Many plant nurseries will help with landscaping if you buy plants from them. It is sometimes the best and cheapest way to make your house look better.
4. Trim around windows and doors and paint the trim a different color from the body of the house. White or cream work.
5. Shutters help if the house is the right style for them.
6. Window boxes look good on many houses.
7. A porch, pergola, deck or terrace may help sell home now, too.

The next Step to Sell A House Now is to get the word out and draw people in to see your product.

1. Tell everyone you know that you are going to sell a home fast.
2. Tell all your neighbors. They might want to pick their new neighbor. Let them.
3. Advertise your house in local papers.
4. Be prepared for showings. Get help from friends and family with the logistics of safe and successful showings. You don’t know some of the people who may look at your house. Try to qualify a buyer by asking questions.
5. Be quiet during showings. Identify the rooms, although with good staging the function of rooms should be obvious. You want the potential buyer to do the talking. What do they like and what do they not like? You need to know, so LISTEN!

Now, notice that most of the tasks we have recommended are not expensive fixes. Many can be DIY and only involve cleaning and staging things you already own.

Painting is the least expensive of all the remodeling options and I always do it myself. In fact I have done so much painting I am better at it than many pros. I often do it for fun. It’s the best way there is to freshen a space and give it new life.

Real estate agents will tell you to do expensive remodeling that could cost much more than you make at resale. Few remodeling projects bring a 100% return on investment.

What that really means is you lose!

Only do projects that make the house look good and clean. Granite countertops could cost thousands more than they would bring at resale. But an extra ¾ bath in a 1 bath house could cost less than $1000 bucks and make your house more marketable. Pick the upgrades that really work and keep the costs down. You can save money to invest in a business opportunity or save the credit card interest costs. Both are good for you and your family.

In the current real estate market, less is more. Cleaning and staging are way better than a new kitchen. But can you make your kitchen look better? Sure you can. Clean, try some new paint, and put away most of the stuff on the counters. Do NOT spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new kitchen unless you plan to stay and enjoy it.

But getting houses ready for resale is a matter of cleaning and polishing more than actual remodeling. Sure, it’s not fun but it is not really expensive and it’s doable.

The other issue to sell home now you have to address is that you need to get the word out. Many real estate pros are cutting back on advertising. Your home could linger on the market forever if you don’t work to get the word out to potential buyers. It is much more effective than any remodel for selling a home fast getting your house sold.

If you have a good product and let people know you can sell home now. Tidy things up instead of doing expensive remodeling.


Don’t Buy Furniture To Stage Your House for a Fast Home Sale, Go To Garage Sales

Your home may look like some of the problem homes for sale on the TV shows. Many experts suggest you buy new furniture or even rent some furniture. But wait, you could furnish your wonderfully staged home for the price of furniture rental and a fraction of what new furniture costs with garage sale items. Here’s how to use the power of garage sales to sell a house now.

It sounds a bit ridiculous but I actually purchased most of the upholstered chairs in my house for $29.99 or less.

Most of them were purchased either at garage sales or junk stores. I would stop by the bank on Friday and get 30 $1.00 bills and go shopping LATE on Saturday afternoon when all the stuff got cheaper.

And I wouldn’t just buy any old piece of furniture. I would look for classic styles that were not too trendy.

When you need to stage your house, furniture that is 10 years out of date makes people think your house needs redecorating. People don’t want to buy your house just because your furniture is “dated”.

It’s just so ridiculous because antique reproductions can work just fine when upholstered in a nice solid color fabric.

The other thing I do is the upholstery. I can do a professional looking job and paying someone else to do it will often cost more than buying a new chair.

If you don’t want to reupholster, just look for things that are in acceptable fabrics.

Try to avoid garish or flower prints. There are some ‘80’s vintage sofas and chairs that are really awful and DEATH to resale.

The other thing you need to do is try to keep the scale of the furniture smaller.

Rooms that are too crowded with furniture and collectibles will hurt resale even when all the items in the room are beautiful. People get blinded by the stuff and can’t see the house.

So what do you buy?

Look for classic styles like wing chairs, antique reproductions, or great club chairs. I always sneak in a bit of modern if I like something.

Look for hardwood frames. They will feel heavier than cheaper furniture. They will also stand up to the wear and tear of daily life.

40’s to ‘60’s reproductions are nice because they are usually constructed of hardwood, but not old enough to be antiques yet. I never wanted to pay for antiques because my stuff was always going into a moving van.

In the 1960’s furniture companies started to use a lot of particleboard (MDF) in furniture. It feels heavy, but it falls to pieces if it gets damp or wet. In fact pieces made of it regularly fall apart. Lots of kitchens are constructed of it in spec houses and they fall apart, too.

And then think about how you can stage your rooms. A pair of chairs and a love seat or sofa can make a nice living room or den grouping. The styles can be different as long as the arms all line up close to the same height.

Buy pairs but not sets of furniture. A matched pair of chairs can work great, but a 3 or 4 or 10 piece “set” just looks unsophisticated.

A pair of club chairs can look great, too, placed around a round coffee table or ottoman.

A pair of chairs can make a quiet corner attractive for conversation.

And that’s your goal.

If a prospective buyer sits down in your house, they are thinking of buying it.

But don’t buy sets of furniture and make payments until it wears out. Buy good used furniture for 10 cents on the dollar.

Once you sell a home, you can move to your next place and remix it all and see it in a new light. It’s SO much fun.


Below is a great article on using Feng Shui to help sell home now.

Selling Your Home With Feng Shui

by Chriss Barr

Selling your home in today's market can be tough. Rising property taxes, exorbitant insurance rates and a buyer's market have created a strong headwind. Feng shui, which is the placement of objects based on compass directions, can be an effective antidote to these challenges. In fact, feng shui is used by powerful people in the real estate community including Donald Trump, K. Hovnanian and other large residential real estate developers.

Feng shui can improve the energy level in your home giving it a more welcome feeling to potential buyers. Here are some specific tips to enhance the opportunity for you to sell your home:

* Make any necessary repairs. Although this may sound like an obvious suggestion, broken door knobs, peeling paint and torn window screens represent more than just eye sores and inconvenience. Broken objects of any kind represent broken energy (or chi as it is referred to in feng shui). When energy is broken it is prevented from flowing through your home and gets "stuck" in the broken places. To get buyers' interest in your home flowing you have to get the energy flowing.

* De-clutter everywhere you can. Spend 15 minutes a day de-cluttering your home. Have a waste basket available for items you want to throw away, a box for items you want to give away and another box for items you want to sell. If you don't need it or don't love it, get rid of it. De-cluttering helps the energy in your home flow more freely. It also gives your home a more open and relaxed feeling.

* After sundown, turn the lights on at the back of your home for at least five hours in the evening. Make sure the lights are shining on the back of your home and not out into the yard. The lights send a message that you are ready to leave your home and have someone new move in.

* In the Northwest and Southeast areas of your home place a copy of your Listing Agreement with the word SOLD! written across it in your handwriting. The Northwest represents the helpful people area of your home and the Southeast represents the wealth area of your home. By placing copies of your contract in these areas you are stating your intent to bring in the right people to help you sell your home and to buy your home at an offer that's attractive for you and your family.

* Close the door. The sinks, shower and bathtub drains as well as the toilets create a lot of flushing energy in a home. Be sure to keep the toilet lids down and the bathroom doors closed to prevent flushing your home's good energy.

* Place your For Sale sign on the right side of your yard. The right side of your home (as you face your front door from your yard) is the active (or yang) side of your property. Since you want you home to "get moving" use your yard to your advantage. A number of real estate articles over the past several years say that a house that has been feng shui'd will sell up to 80 times faster than one that hasn't been. The good news is that with these great tips it won't cost you anything to find out and it won't take you long either.

Chriss Barr is a Feng Shui and Dowsing Expert as well as the author of '4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life & Fatten Your Wallet' available on Amazon.com. You can find out more about feng shui and dowsing at More about Feng Shui and Dowsing


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